About Us

MUSIC & ARTS HANMER SPRINGS doesn’t receive funding from government. We are reliant upon the support of visitors, our loyal Friends, donors and sponsors to continue our work. Your support is our future.
We celebrate art in all its forms, painting, sculpture, textiles, weaving, pottery, jewellery making, and many other. We encourage the community to get involved, and want everyone to enjoy art, and all that it brings to our lives.
Music & Dance
We love music, and we love to hear it live. We also love to dance, so we bring the two together whenever we can.
Film & Photography
We love to take “Selfies” and photos of our “fun times”, and love to see ourselves on the big screen, singing and dancing to our our “fav” songs , on family holidays, and creating memories, and we reckon you do as well. So are you keen to learn from experts how to do it really well?
What better way to express ourselves, than by taking on a different character and acting as that character. WE love the dressing up, and acting like a clown, and no-one being able to recognise us.
We bring a range of Festivals to Hanmer Springs, a mixture of art, music, theatre, workshops, competitions, food and great fun! All are perfect family entertainment, with opportunities for all to learn new skills, or.
We are a registered Not for Profit Charitable Trust. A copy of our Deed can be made available on request.

Getting Involved

If you would like to get involved as a tutor, running a workshop, as a student, as an exhibitor, as part of a Festival, or as a performing artist, please contact us through the contact us page.

Aims and Objectives

Music & Arts Hanmer Springs is administered by The Music and Arts Hanmer Springs Trust. Hanmer Springs locals, from a variety of different backgrounds including local government, education, business and Music and Arts groups, are founding members of the Trust’s Board.

The vision of the Trust is to make Hanmer Springs a centre of excellence for musical, visual and related art forms, and to promote learning and performance in all these art forms.

The Trust is the brain-child of Grum Frith who came up with the idea as he cycled 1000s of kilometres on his recent circumnavigation of the world. The concept is to bring school, business and community groups to Hanmer Springs to enjoy and learn about all sorts of Music and Arts. The Trust hopes that the array of musical and artistic activities including workshops and festivals will create a nice “balance” in the village.

Trust Members

Grum Frith                                         

Grum Frith (Community Liasion & Events Facilitator)                     

Our Tutors

Our Tutors


Bob Ibbetson: Rock Guitar Tuition

Bob has many years of playing experience in Rock & Blues guitar that he would like to share with you & help make you that guitarist you always wanted to be.

Learn to play Guitar in your local area with him. He is available to teach evenings & weekends. His courses are individually designed to help you achieve your goal, whether you want to be a lead guitarist or just be able to play Rhythm guitar.

Guitar tuition for all abilities, beginners to intermediate players wanting to improve their technique.

Lisa Tui Jonathan

Bright on Vibes.  Singer-songwriter, choir director and singing teacher, Lisa Tui has taught and facilitated singing for 17 years. Her passion is assisting in the creative endeavours of others as well as pursuing her own writing and performing by studying music pedagogy at Otago University, completing training in Adult Education and throwing herself into learning situations to keep her honest. Along with completing her performing arts training at NASDA, Lisa’s vocal studies have included Voicecraft International Complete and her work has been filmed in the NZ Documentary ‘Singing with Conviction’. Music theatre productions, Jazz and Folk Festivals, bands and recordings have all been part of her background as a vocalist and songwriter with 5 independent releases in 2017. www.lisatui.com. 

Steve MacDonald: Upholstery

Steve has been an Upholsterer for over 30 years, and has been teaching for over 18 years. 2020 is his third year working with Music & Arts Hanmer Springs.

Marguerite Clubb: Band Leader and Community Music

Our new Musical Director for ‘The Notables Community Band’ based in Hanmer. Having recently retired from a career in Teaching and moving to Hanmer Springs, Marguerite inspires emerging musicians, unlocks their potential and encourages participation in music. Co-founding ‘The Canterbury Community Music Group’ 22 years ago, with her husband Barrie, where members have experienced a nurturing environment to participate in music. Marguerite has been actively involved in the Ellesmere Big Band as both performer and assistant conductor. She has run workshops and developed musical and children's programmes for Folk Music Festivals throughout the South Island for many years. Marguerite plays flute, saxophones, piano, sings and is currently working on learning the ukulele. Promoting participation in ‘Performing Arts’ and connecting our wider community together in life-long learning is a passionate desire that fits in totally with the goals of Hanmer ‘Music and Arts Trust.’