Autumn School

11th to 20th May 2018


The Scripted Journey 11-13th May

Using a variety of simple writing tools and some unexpected mark making tools, students will have fun playing and exploring the marks they  make as potential for their own artwork. This is a class with lots of practical exercises where each student will be guided to explore their creativity in an interesting way. We will look at the shapes of letters from other cultures as part of the process and adapt these for use in individual work. Students will work with paint, collage , stamp making and easy printing techniques. Suitable for all levels.

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Creative Collage With Fabric 14-16th May

This class is a great way to utilise small amounts of fabric where the final result is even more exciting than those you began with. Enjoy learning a raw-edge technique as you create a unique cushion cover or small wall hanging. This method can be applied to quilts, clothing, bags etc.

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Art Doll Class (Mixed Media) 18-20th May

Create a character from your imagination which celebrates an aspect of your personality, a wish, an experience or a dream. I will demonstrate several mixed media techniques and we will discuss how these can be used to bring your doll into being. This is a wonderful class to use precious scraps, hoarded treasures and oddments of ephemera. There will be lots of ideas about giving your doll its own character. Dolls may be made entirely by hand, or using a machine for part of it. You may choose to use paint, thread, collage, stitch or combinations. Relax and listen to your inner voice.

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With Ronnie Martin



Sports Photography 11-13th May 


There are 3 basic questions that will become second nature to you.

  1. Know your subject. It’s amazing how many people don’t really know what they are trying to shot so just shoot lot’s and hope.
  2. Simplify the subject. This shot is about what? How can I make them stand out?
  3. Eliminate anything that takes away from the subject.

Master these 3 steps and you will go a long way to becoming an outstanding photographer in any field. 

On a more practical level we will also cover:

ISO, APERATURE and SHUTTER SPEED.  Which one is a priority? Why would I change my settings?  How often should I change my settings or can I set and forget?  Is there a magic formula I can use?

White Balance, Focus and Depth of field, Angles, Composition on the Run, Digital Camera Modes such as Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual Mode, Exposure Compensation and when to use it, What Type of Camera and Lens do I need? What gear other than cameras and lenses should I take? Shooting Etiquette including flash photography

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With John Napper



Upholstery 11-13th May

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With Steve McDonald

Steve has been an Upholsterer fro over 30 years, and has been teaching for over 18 years. He is looking forward to teaching at the Autumn School for the second year in a row.


Video Production 

Sunday 13th to Tuesday 15th May


Learn how to:

Shoot a video with multiply types of devices on location,

Load video to the computer, software editing suite,

Creating, Editing, and Saving a Video project,

Scripting and planning your video, “over shooting’, Cutaways, and Camera Settings,

Uploading your project, and sharing your video.

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With Eddie Simon

Extra stuff you will need:

Students need to bring a video recording device, eg Video Camera, DSLR, Smart Phone, Tablet, Note Pad & a pen.

Sculpting fun for Beginners 

18-20th May

Students will learn how to use oven bake clays like Fimo. We will use stamps, moulds, and tools to create a fairy, creature and funny face magnets. Once baked we will add feathers and fur etc then mount them on found objects from nature to create one of a kind permanent creations to keep or give as gifts.

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Extra stuff you will need:

$20 per student for all the materials they need. this includes clay, wire, feathers, fur, material, glue, paint, googly eyes and magnets etc.

Introduction to Special effects and Make-up 

11-13th May 

The Introduction to Practical Effects course gives an overview of techniques and materials used in  a wide variety of special practical effects.

On this course, you will learn tips and tricks for: Sculpting, Life-casting, Mold making, Casting, Makeup appliances, Fake blood, Gore effects, Fur and Hair, Props, Makeup, plus many other cool and impressive techniques for fabrication and filmmaking.

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Extra stuff you will need:

Be prepared to take notes and bring a camera to document your progress as you learn. Wear comfortable clothing you don’t mind ruining or bring an apron. Plus $50 for materials.

With Chester Dextar

Modelling a Head in Clay 11-13th May 

This is an introduction to sculpting with clay, with the challenge of creating a human head.  Paul will guide you through the sculpting of a bust in clay.  This workshop will benefit painters and sculptors alike with emphasis on the anatomy and proportions of the head, neck and shoulders.  You can even take your work home to be kiln fired afterwards.  Enjoy the tactile hands-on sensations of working with clay, congenial company and Paul’s gentle guidance through the creative process.

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Extra stuff you will need:

Sketch paper and pencils/charcoal, Drawing board to match, and clips, Overcoat/overalls/old clothes that won’t mind getting mucky, Clay modelling tools, if you have them, Old towel for keeping the work damp overnight, Optional – photos all-around of a head you want to model.

Drawing the Figure in Context 18-20th May

Have you ever noticed that most landscape paintings (and even cityscapes) are devoid of figures?  Would you like the confidence to place figures into your paintings?  In this class we will work with a clothed model, in the context of the room and, if weather permits, even attempt some sketching of random passers-by on the streets of Hanmer.

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Extra stuff you will need:

A2 (or larger) sketch paper, Drawing board to match, and clips, Soft graphite pencils, natural willow charcoal, Fixative, Putty eraser, An easel, if you have (or can borrow) one.

With Paul Deans


Line Dancing

11-13th May 2018

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With Marilyn Frost

French Polishing 18-20th May

Learn the basics of preparing and the skills of French Polishing, stripping, sanding and colour matching.

Extra stuff you will need:

A charge of $50 extra and your tutor will provide extra items.

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With Mike Fullen

Mike Fullen: Has been in the Furniture polishing industry for over 30 years., and is the owner of Seatons French Polishers.